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An Evening of Firsts 

Hosted in the back of Eyesore Cinema, the local video store, our first event was everything a first event should be. Filled with friends, and filmmakers, the event sold out and let us know Indie Night was something the emerging film community needed. We will be forever grateful to that first audience for their encouragement and enthusiasm (and for helping us raise enough money to host another event) 

Below is our digital program, complete with hyperlinks (when available) 

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Digital Program


Written and Produced by : Chattrisse Dolabaille

Co- Producer: Jane Hailes 

Director: Richard B Pierre 

Star Blake Johnston as 

Director of Photography: Pedro Miguez 

Sound recordist: Kerron Schullere

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Looking for Today 

Blood Hound Productions

Writen by: Conor Fitzgerald and Dylan Fitzgerald, Eric Lehmann, Cole Dimock

Produced: Conor Fitzgerald and Kenton Blythe  

Director: Dylan Fitzgerald

Starting: Kenton Blythe, Stephanie Hope Lawlor

DOP: Bryan Angarita

Sound: Jeff Alex Tomas

Hair: Lyn Macoy

White Flag 

Director Jessamine Fok -

​Choreographer Rebecca Zizek ​

Dancers: Dedra McDermott, Karly Zizek, Meaghan Houghton

Cinematographer: ​ Michael Hitoshi Maddeaux

​Editor Jaime Fok

​Key Grip Kevin Lien

MUA Julie Thai

MUA Assistant Eliza Bumba

​BTS Photographer Katrina Castro

​Production Assistant Alejandro Parga

Music: Drop by Chloe x Halle 

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Mothers Day 

Director, Producer: Alexander Desouza

Writer: Claire Bosnich

Cinematographer: Andy Youn

Editor: Ryan Conrad

Production Designer: Carine Zahner

Art Director: Chelsea Driver

Composer: Spencer Creaghan & Travis Grubissi

Sound Designer: Paul Wardlaw

Sound Mixer: Cara Shaw & Sophia Sam

Cast: Willem Sadler, Tyler James Nathan, Tom Hulshof, Chris Gleason, Dennis Roy Carmichael 

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Director, Writer, Producer: Winnifred Jong

Cast; Annabelle Loi

DOP: Sarah Thomas Moffat

Music: Chris Reineck

Editor: Gloria Tong

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How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer 

Produced, Written and Directed by: Aris Tyros

Assistant Director: Ian Geldart 

Cast: Aris Tyros, Adam Capriolo, Ian Geldart, Rebecca Gibian, Mikhael Melnikoff and Ryan Rogerson

Director of Photography: Gulio Calisse

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Those Who Rush 

Produced by: Joey Colman 

Written by: Katy Brier and Joey Colman

Directed by: Steven Schwartz

Edited by Darragh McGrath

Music: Danny Coleman 

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Dee The Human 

Created by Allison Busner

Starting: Allison Busner, Kendra Timmins, Katy Brier, Alex Harrouch, Shannon T. McNally 

DOP: Dan LeMoyne 

Mowtown Dance Night 

Written and Directed by: Ben Beauchemin 

Starting: Ben Beauchemin, Tamara Almedia

Director of Photography: Erik Anderson

Watching a Movie
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Actors: Courtney Deelen, Jess Brown, Tyler McMaster, Altair Vincent

Director/Writer/DOP/Editor: Taras Lavren

Crew: Tyler McMaster, Daley Blake Smith, Jes Kennedy, Jess Brown


Actors: Drew Nelson and Morgan Kohan

Directors: Tyler McMaster & Taras Lavren

Writer: Tyler McMaster

DOP: Sabrina Spilotro

Editor/VFX: Taras Lavren 

Crew: Daley Blake Smith


Actors: Jess Brown, Tyler McMaster 

Director/Editor: Darik Maurice 

Writer: Tyler McMaster 

DOP: Kenny MacLaughlin 

Sound: Ryan Wibowo 

Producers: Tyler McMaster, Jes Kennedy


Actors: Tyler McMaster, Daley Blake Smith, Altair Vincent

Director/DOP/Editor: Taras Lavren

Writer: Tyler McMaster 

Crew: Jes Kennedy and Altair Vincent