Our Story 


Toronto Indie Night is a short form, Multimedia showcase (but is ofter just called a Film Fest) 

Created by filmmaker Shannon Tosic McNally, Toronto Indie Night was started in the back of a local video story (eyesore cinema) in 2018. the goal was to simply give a hometown premiere to some local content and to gather to support and encourage one another as artists with no pretense. From our humble beginnings, we grew into a highly anticipated event, happening 3 times a year. In our first year, we hosted 4 events. Screened over 80 projects from local artists and events started including international works. 

We curate all our events. The Audiance is always in for a treat; filled with hidden treasures and forgotten Jems. This is an event for filmmakers AND Film lovers alike. 


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Our Mandate

Toronto Indie Night is dedicated to creating an accessible platform, to showcase diverse stories that reflect the world we live in. 


We stand by "Nihil de nobis, sine nobis" Nothing about us without us.

We strive to have equality at all our events. Both in front and behind the camera. 


We are committed to creating a safer and inclusive environment for our patrons and artists. We will only showcase work that reflects those values. With priority being given to stories that too often go untold. 


How We Curate our Events

Each event is curated by a Jury of 5 industry professionals. Intermediate and Established artists alike. Artists who still remember what it is to make your first project come to life. 

The Jury is kept anonymous until after the notification deadline. 

Our Jury is always a diverse group of professionals, With a minimum of 3 members who self-identify as women or non-binary,  and a minimum of 3 Members whom Self identify as BIPOC creators.  

"Nothing about us, Without us" can not be upheld if we do not hold ourselves to maintaining a diverse Jury. 

"On our first event, I realized that none of the female-identifying jury members had ever been asked for their objective creative opinions before (while every male juror had been. Even our super emerging level) It was then I was like "Well thats enough, this jury will always be more women than men. always" It's being able to implement little changes like this to a system that make me truly love running Indie Night." 

- Shannon Tosic McNally