Our Team 


Shannon Tosic McNally  (She/Her) 

Founder | Festival Director 

Shannon is a Toronto based Filmmaker (Actor, Producer, Director)

A proud TCK (Third Culture Kid), Shannon grew up in Puerto Morelos Mexico, and Montreal Quebec. Storytelling was always an icebreaker, so it was no surprise when Shannon went into the Entertainment industry. She studied Acting at Dawson College Professional Theatre Program, and Musical Theatre performance at Randolph College before finding her true love.... film. 

Having a background is in Theatre, Shannon underestimated how much she would miss a live audience. She also noticed a lot of her fellow emerging artists getting discouraged, there are already so many hurdles to making your own work, to then realize there are a whole new set of hurdles to getting it seen: no wonder emerging artists are discouraged.

With her background in event planning, and Social Media Marketing, Shannon did what she does best: she planned an event. One where there was no need to show up and fake being anywhere other than where you are career-wise. An event that gave crews a chance to gather and celebrate the fruits of that 16 hour day on set. An event for young writers to witness an audience's reaction to their work, (which is invaluable) and where film lovers can come to support local and international talent and see film they might otherwise miss in the sea of content on the internet. 

Shannon is a dedicated Producer, Actor and Director who (should be) Shooting her Directorial Debute Short film in spring 2021. 

For more info or to get to know Shannon more, Follow her on Any social Media Platform @shannontm 


Drone with Camera

Shayne Gryn 

Tech Wizard 

Shayne is a Tech wizard and Is helping Shannon Flip this IRL event into an online community hub. 

Shayne is a multi-disiplined Musician and singer, film maker and Wizard. 

He will eventually send us a bio. But until then trust us when we say: Shayne is good people and we cant wait to collaborate with him! 

We are always looking for enthusiastic and curious team members. If you would like to join our team, shoot us an email.