Submissions are now closed 

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What kind of content are we looking for?

in Short: everything. 

Music Videos, Short film, Micro-Docs, Commercials, Vlogs, Talk Shows, Sketch Comedy, Pilots, Proof of Concepts: Honestly, everything.

We do not prioritize Premier status of any kind. While we are always thankful to host a Premiere, we encourage emerging artists to keep those for festivals who require it. 

We keep our submission fees low to keep the festival accessible regardless of budget. 

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Waiver Codes

Indie night was created to provide an affordable and accessible platform for all filmmakers to screen their content in front of an audience. We keep our submission fees as low as possible to keep our event as accessible as possible. 

However, for every event, We put aside as many free waver codes as fiscally possible. We give wavier priority to:

- Local artists

- Projects that share our mandate

- Stories that are intersectional/cross-cultural


- Projects that adhere to the guidelines of the Producers Pledge

To receive a waiver, please email Shannon at and let her know which of the above category applies to you and what makes your project the right fit for Indie Night. 

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